Ari Melenciano is an artist, designer, creative technologist, researcher, and educator who is passionate about exploring the relationships between various forms of design and sentient experiences.

Currently, her research is a synthesis of human-computer interactive technologies, architecture, Afrocentric design practices, counterculture, audiovisuality, biomimicry, experimental pedagogy, and Black radical imagination

Ari is the founder of Afrotectopia, a social institution fostering interdisciplinary innovation at the intersections of art, design, technology, Black culture and activism through collaborative research and practice.

She currently teaches creative technology and design at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU's Dept. of Digital Photography and Imaging, Pratt Institute's Communications Design school, and Hunter College's Integrated Media Arts MFA program.

Sound Sculpture

Physical Computation for Sound

Sound Sculpture

Physical Computation for Sound

Utopian Imaginaries

3D Rendered Environment

Breathe Animation

3D Rendered Animation

Virtual Environment

3D Rendered Virtual Environments

Alaia's Lab

Multi-Sensorial Performance

Sound Sculpture

Physical Computation for Sound

Electro Negro Synesthesyo

Physical Computation for Sound

Virtual Environments

3D Rendered Virtual Environments

Ojo Oro

Physical Computation for Visual Media

Sound-Interactive Code

Sound-Interactive Code

The School of Afrotectopia

Experimental Pedagogy via The School of Afrotectopia

Sound-Interactive Code

Sound-Interactive Code


Experiential Design

Ojo Oro

Physical Computation for Visual Media

Video Art

Video Art

Alaia's Lab

Multi-Sensorial Performance

3D Rendered Animation

3D Rendered Animation

See Me Too

Speculative Chrome Extension

Sound-Interactive Code

Sound-Interactive Code

3D Rendered Animation

3D Rendered Animation


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"Designing Club Culture" @ NYU ITP (Fall 2020)

"Sounds of a Revolution" @ Hunter College IMA (Fall 2020)

"Intergrated Visual Communication I" @ The Pratt Institute (Fall 2020)

"Intergrated Visual Communication II" @ The Pratt Institute (Fall 2020)

"Multimedia" @ NYU DPI (Fall 2020)

Residencies, memberships, etc.

Eyebeam Rapid Response Fellow [2020]

The Onassis Foundation + New Inc [2020]

Future Imagination Fund Fellow @ NYU Tisch School of the Arts [2020]

Artist in Residence @ MICA Photography and Electronic Media [2019, 2020]

New York Live Arts Creative Technologist Residency [2020]

The Guild of Future Architects [2020]


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M.P.S. New York University | Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) [2016-2018]

B.A. University of Maryland [2011-2014]

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona [2012-2013]


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[Guest Lecturer] Post-Radical Design at the Pratt Institute | Oct2020

[Guest Lecturer] DePaul's School of Design | Oct2020

[Guest Lecturer] NYU ITP Artist/Alumni Talk | Oct2020

[Guest Lecturer] Univ. of Chicago | Oct2020

[Guest Lecturer] UT College of Architecture and Design | Oct2020

[Guest Lecturer] GSU Inclusive Media Futures | Nov2020


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"The Revolution Will Be Digitized" @ NYU ITP [Sp2020]

"Graphic Design Intensive II" @ Pratt Institute [Sp2020]

"Digital Prototyping" @ Pratt Institute [Sp2020]

+"Designing Club Culture" @ NYU ITP [F2019]

+"Documenting Downtown With New Media" @ NYU DPI [F2019]

Residencies, memberships, etc.

Human-in-Residence @ NYU ITP [2020]

Technology Resident @ Culture Hub [2020]

Technology Resident @ Pioneer Works [2020]

Experiments in Arts and Technology Track Member @ New Inc (+Nokia Bell Labs and Rhizome) [2020]

+Contributor-In-Residence @ University of Denver’s Clinic for Open-Source Arts (Denver, CO)[2019]

+Research Fellow @ NYU ITP (NY, NY) [2018-2019]

+Artist-In-Residence @ Ace Hotel (Distributed Web of Care) (NY, NY) [2017]

+Invent-Her @ Collab (NY, NY) [2016]


+NYC Department of Education for CS4ALL (Computer Science Curriculum Development) [2019-2020]

+The Guild of Future Architects

+The New York Times

Presentations (Talks + Workshops)

Designing Club Culture at Denver StartUp Week | Sept2020

[Guest Lecturer] Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison | Sept2020

[Presenter] Publik Library / Book Fair [2020]

[Presenter] Diversity Reboot [2020]

[Keynote] Primer2020 [2020]

+[Talk]¨Career Jam Panelist @ Berklee's College of Music (cancelled COVID19) (Boston,MA) [2020]

+[Exhibit]¨Sound Exhibition @ Hunter College's The Third Work Symposium (cancelled COVID19) (NY, NY) [2020]

+[Performance + Talk]¨Presenting @ NYLiveArts Afrofuturism Symposium (postponed due to COVID19) (NY, NY) [2020]

+[Panelist]¨ Design Delight: Making Room for Joy in Times of Crisis @ NYCxDesign Week (NY,NY) (postponed due to COVID19) [2020]

+[Panel Moderator]¨ Digital Art, Architecture, and the Body @ Bard College (NY,NY) [2020]

+[Presenter]¨ Untold Histories Unconference @ Rutgers (Newark, NJ) (postponed due to COVID19) [2020]

+[Talk]¨ Synthetic Synesthesia @ Loupe (Amsterdam) [2020]
+[Workshop]¨Utopian Imaginaries @ CultureHub's ReFest (exited due to COVID19) (NY, NY) [2020]

+[Talk]¨ Radical Technoculture for Racial Equity @ NYU Social and Cultural Analysis (NY, NY) [2020]

+[Talk]¨ Design Fluidity: Electromedia, Culture, Activism @ UT Dallas ATEC Dean's Colloquia (Dallas, TX)[2020]

+[Workshop]¨ Coding Lab: Sonic Fun @ Today at Apple 5th Avenue (NY, NY) [2020]

+[Performance]¨ Ritual Union: Modular Synthesis Set @ The Africa Center (Dark Spirals) (NY, NY) [2020]

+[Talk]¨ Radical Technoculture for Racial Equity @ NYC Processing Day (NY, NY) [2020]

+[Performance]¨ AudioVisual DJ Set @ Philadelphia Museum (Philly, PA)[2020]

+[Workshop]¨ Black Power Synesthesia @ Verizon Media (The School of Afrotectopia) (NY, NY) [2020]

+[Workshop]¨ Sound Interactive Coding @ Today at Apple 5th Avenue (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Radical Technoculture for Racial Equity @ Tech Hack Convening (Brooklyn, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Guest Lecturer @ SVA Products of Design (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Presenter @ It's Nice That (Wix Playgrounds) (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ The Revolution Will be Digitized @ Ethel's Club (Brooklyn, NY) [2019]

+[Workshop]¨ Intro to Modular Synthesis @ Splice (NY, NY) (Beats By Girls) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Guest Lecturer @ Fordham University (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Panelist @ NewInc + A/D/O (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Radical Technoculture for Racial Equity @ NYU's Black Portraitures (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Designing Afrotectopia @Google's SPAN (Brooklyn, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Panelist @ Harvard's Black in Design (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Designing Anti-Racist Technoculture for Equitable Futures @ NYU ITP (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Performance]¨ KaleidoFunkadelic2371 @ Mana Contemporary’s Open House (New Jersey City, NJ) [2019]

+[Performance]¨ Alaïa’s Lab @ Culture Hub’s ReFest, (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Survey of personal work @ The New School’s Parsons Scholars Program (NY, NY) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Survey of personal work @ Processing Day Denver (Denver, CO) [2019]

+[Talk]¨ Survey of personal work @ Processing Day Chicago (University of Illinois at Chicago, IL) [2019]

+[Talk & Workshop]¨ Art, Tech and Activism (survey of work) & Designing Virtual Spaces for Afrofuturism @ Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut) [2019]

+[Workshop]¨ Creative Coding and Speculative Design @ Packer Collegiate Institute, (Brooklyn, NY) [2019]

+[DJ]¨ TechZineFair @ School of Poetic Computation, (Manhattan, NY) [2019]

+[Panelist]¨ Stories of Outstanding Tisch Alumni Making a Different @ NYU (Manhattan, NY)

+[Talk]¨ Survey of personal work @ Nightingale-Bamford School (Manhattan, NY) [2018]

+[Exhibition]¨ Auorora: Designing a City for an Equitable Future @ Abron’s Art Center (NY, NY) [2018]

+[Moderator]¨ Black in Tech Panel @ NYU (Manhattan, NY) [2018]

+[Workshop]¨ Speculative Design @ Eyebeam for Eyedream Cohort 2 (Brooklyn, NY) [2018]

+[Exhibition]¨ Alaïa’s Lab @ Eyebeam for Eyedream Cohort 2 (Brooklyn, NY) [2018]

+[Talk]¨ Survey of personal work @ Likeminds Conference (Catskills, NY) [2018]

+[Workshop]¨ Branding Yourself @ AfroRazones (Havana, Cuba) [2018]

+[Talk]¨ Computational Concerts @ Eyeo (Minneapolis, MN) [2018]

+[Panelist]¨ Vision and Technology, Toward a More Just Future via ICP @Knockdown Center (Brooklyn, NY) [2018]

+[Talk]¨ Survey of personal work @ Cooper Union STEM (Manhattan, NY) [2018]